DIY Wooden Yardzee Game + Free Printable

April 24, 2018



We love to entertain.  Everyone and anyone.  Mostly it's our close knit group of friends and we're always thinking of reasons to have a party.  Do you do that too?  My husband and I really enjoy playing outdoor games, we got a bean bag toss set a year ago and that thing gets so much use, even our kids enjoy it so much I made them their own "ABC" bean bags (but that's for a later post).  The newest game we've been enjoying is yahtzee, or, yardzee.  Yardzee is basically a giant wooden yahtzee set that you play on the grass in your backyard.  It's the same classic rules that you remember playing from your childhood.


You can buy yardzee on amazon and there are a ton of different price points and makers.  But what's the fun in that?  If you ever want to do a project with your husband then what's better than a DIY together working with wood and tools.  My husband is really handy and I grew up with parent's who kind of went by the motto of if you could make it then use your two hands and do it.  I'm no stranger to a hammer and nails.


The yardzee set was incredibly simple to make.  But you need a few key tools.


What you need:

Miter Saw

Electric Palm Sander

100 grit sand paper

Drill bitS

4x4x8 piece of wood from the local hardware store (you'll have leftover wood)






1. Cut the wood so that you have 5 blocks that are even dimensions on all sides.  We made our cuts at 3.5"" so we were left with 3.5"x3.5"blocks  (How weird is a 4x4x8 really a 3.5x3.5x8 why not just call it that and not confuse!? So don't let it throw you).


2. Using a ruler and pencil make a grid on each of the sides of the block.  You'll want to find a diagram of a die or grab one from your house is you can find one from a game!  In the grid mark and x where each hole is going to go or assign a number to it.  As you can see in this photo i have a 3x3 grid and i wrote a "5" up top so my husband knew to make 5 holes on that side.

3. Using your drill attach the drill bit (make sure to check sizes, I wanted large holes) and on a flat surface start drilling until the hole is deep enough to be visible.

4. Repeat for all blocks


5. Dust off all the loose saw dust

6. Using your electric palm sander, gently (you don't have to press hard) sand over the entire block.  Gently go over the edges so you don't rip the sand paper.  Go over the wood with your hand every so often to make sure it's nice and smooth, no splinters necessary.


7. Once you are done with them you can either stain them or just keep them raw which is how I liked them!


Make sure to print out a couple sheets of the yardzee score sheets.  I laminated them so that we could keep them outside with the blocks.  It's also nice because you can use dry erase markers and not waste paper.  You can see from the picture below that ours get a lot of use!



I hope you have SO MUCH FUN with these!  Don't be afraid of working with the wood.  Now go out there and DIY!










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