Chocolate Caramel Turtle Pretzels

October 15, 2018


Our weather is FINALLY changing in Phoenix.  Hallelujah!  Even though i've been sporting my sweater {around the house} for some time now, I can officially wear jeans outside to pick my son up from school without melting.  


The walk from my car to his classroom has been brutal the last few weeks.  It's like this city didn't understand it's October.  


I brought treats to his teacher and I was actually worried they may melt in my bag before I got them to her.  I just love turtles, don't you?



No, not the ninja type of turtle.  But the decadent caramel/chocolate/pecan turtle.  I could gobble turtles up all day {i'm glad I clarified the non-animal prior to that statement).  These pretzel turtles are SO easy to make.  Grab a bag of pretzel rods, dip them in caramel, drizzle on chocolate and chopped pecans, let cool, scarf down.



I think that these are a great treat to be gift.  Around the holidays I love to hand out little treats to friends and family.  Partially because my heart is in the right place and partially so I don't eat them all myself.  I wrap them in cellophane bags with a sweet little ribbon.  


I can't name one person that doesn't love a pretzels covered in chocolate and caramel.  Can you?  Didn't think so.



If you read my previous post about cake pops, you will recall my rant about temperamental chocolate.  Same rule applies here, when you melt chocolate go nice and slow.  The best way is to use a double boiler and gradually melt it.  Using the microwave can be so fickle.  


If you don't have a double boiler {I don't} you can use a pot with a glass bowl over it.  Make sure the water doesn't get too hot.  Go low and slow to ensure your chocolate doesn't freeze up by overheation...overhotted...overheatedness.  Did you believe any of those were real words?  I may have gotten carried away.  


AND If you don't feel up to the task of making caramel, you can always buy a bag of caramels and melt them.  This caramel sauce is super simple though and I'm lazy and don't want to drive to the store to buy caramels.



1 - 12 oz bag of pretzel rods

1/4 c pecans, chopped into small bits

1/3 c semi-sweet chocolate



1/4 c butter

1 1/4 c brown sugar

1/3 c light corn syrup

7 oz sweetened condensed milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp salt



Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.


In a small pot over medium heat combine the butter, brown sugar, corn syrup and sweetened condensed milk.  Stirring constantly with a whisk, bring it to a low rolling boil for 5 minutes.  You can turn the heat down if it's starting to bubble too rapidly.  Once the caramel is silky and smooth turn the heat off.  Add in the vanilla extract, whisking (it will bubble and sizzle, totally normal).  Now sprinkle in the salt.


To keep the caramel warm while you dip the pretzels turn your burner to the lowest heat.  Tilt the pan to one side so the caramel pools on that side, grab a pretzel stick and cover 3/4 of the pretzel or as far as the pan will allow, turning to coat.  To get excess caramel off shake it a couple times, then scrape the bottom edge on the edge of the pan.  This helps so the pretzels don't sticks to the parchment paper.  Lay the pretzel down on the parchment paper, leaving a one inch gap between pretzels.  Repeat until all of them are done.


Now for the chocolate.  Set up your double boiler, or fill a pot with a bit of water and place a glass bowl on top.  Heat the water up so it's steaming but not boiling.  You want to melt the chocolate but not overheat it, this can seize it up and ruin it.  Using a spatula continue to mix the chocolate.  Grab a spoon, dip it in the chocolate and go wild swirling it all over the pretzels.  


While the chocolate is still melty, toss on those chopped up pecans.  Put the pan back into your fridge or freezer to cool.  Take them out and transfer them into a plastic bag or Tupperware lined with parchment paper for each stack.




-- Tara




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