Famous Strawberry Margaritas

May 2, 2018


These are FAMOUS.  I constantly have people ask me how I make my margaritas!  This one is tangy and sweet but not overly sweet.  Super cold.  I've been making these margaritas the same way for the last 10 years and they turn out perfect, every single time.  My mouth is literally watering just thinking of these. Refreshing and chilly, perfect for a warm summer night.  Cinco de Mayo is coming up and these are always a hit when I bring them to parties!  The only complaint is once the pitcher is empty.



All margaritas are definately not created equal.  Have you ever gone to a restaurant and your margarita tastes like pure sugar, or worse, a cheap mix or syrup, I'll pass on that, how about you!?  My margarita's are made with fresh AND frozen strawberries.  



I love the fresh taste of the strawberries, like someone just made my margarita and plucked the strawberries right off of a bush.  The reason why I use some frozen is so that you'll need to use less ice and you get a better concentrated punch of flavor!



My secret ingredient is frozen limeade.  It does the trick, it's that super special extra something that just makes these the best.  Simple as that.  Last year I brought these to our friend's cinco de mayo party, which involved queso, guacamole, a piñata and a heck of a time with a group of our best friends.



These take under 10 minutes to make.  All you need is a blender.  Preferably a good one, I use a blendtec so it comes out with that perfect frozen margarita consistency.  Add a sugar rim (or not) for an extra bit of fancy fancy.  My easy way is to wet a paper towel, rub it on the edge of the glass rim and then set the glass on a plate of sugar.  



Grab your blender.  Grab your friends.  And get ready for a rocking night.

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6 oz Jose Cuervo Blue Agave tequila

1 can (12 oz) frozen limeade

16 oz frozen strawberries

1/2 c fresh strawberries, stems removed

16 oz ice

Limes (optional)

Sugar (optional)



Roughly 50 oz of margaritas



Grab a blender.  Add your ingredients starting with liquid first and ending with the ice.  Blend until smooth.  Pour white sugar onto a plate.  Using a wet paper towel go around the rim of a glass.  Dip the rim into the sugar.  Fill your glasses with margarita and garnish with a lime!






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