10 Easy Steps to the Perfect Pico de Gallo

July 13, 2017


With temps reaching in the high 110's here in Phoenix lately I've been making a lot of weekend pool snacks.  For a pool party with friends or a relaxed Sunday with my family my favorite go-to recipe is my pico de gallo.  It's cool and refreshing, with pops of heat from the jalapeño, savory from the salt, and the perfect tartness from the  two types of citrus used.  My daughter loves this pico de gallo, all the bold flavors are right up her alley.  This recipe doesn't disappoint and your family and friends will be begging you for more as they scrape the bottom of the bowl with tortilla chips in total food bliss.



The great thing about this pico is how versatile it is.  I like to add it to taco salad, on top of an omelet for breakfast, and also on top of my favorite enchiladas (recipe to come in the future).  After a couple of days of sitting in your fridge you can pulse it up to make a smoother salsa.  



Here are my 10 easy steps for making the perfect pico de gallo!  



10 roma tomatoes

2 jalapeños 

1/2 lemon

1 lime

1 bunch cilantro

1 small red onion

3/4 tsp salt



1.  Wash the produce

2.  Trim the ends off the tomatoes, with the trimmed flat side facing the cutting board cut the tomatoes in half

3.  Scoop out the insides (juice and seeds) with a spoon and discard

4.  Dice tomatoes small and transfer to a bowl, rinse this with water and drain

5.  Small dice the red onion and add to the bowl

6.  Chop up a good amount of cilantro, when I say good, double whatever you first had in mind.  For me it's usually the entire cilantro bunch, just rip off the top part from the stems and chop away.  Add to bowl

7.  Juice your lemon and remember you're only using 1/2 the lemon.  If your limes aren't very juicy you'll want to use 2 limes.  The best way to know if it's enough is just by taste once its all mixed

8.  It's jalapeño time.  You can leave the seeds in if you want to breath fire like a dragon OR you can take them out.  If you're serving to kids, best to take the seeds and membrane out.  If you're serving to adults leave some of those seeds in, who doesn't like a little kick of spice?  Dice up your jalapeños.  Add to bowl

*TIP:  Cut up the jalapeño last, that way the seeds aren't on your cutting board from the beginning and transferring to your hands throughout your prep.  I like to cut the ends off, cut it in half, and then use a little sharp knife to carefully scrape the insides out under running water at my sink.  This way you avoid too much contact with your hands.

9.  Sprinkle  with 3/4 tsp salt 

10.  Toss it all together and enjoy!


Note:  You can half this recipe for a smaller group.  


*TIP: Wrap cilantro in a paper towel in your fridge when you store it, it will stay fresher, longer.











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