DIY Peppa Pig Princess Dress-Up Costume Tutorial

September 18, 2018


Did you know I have an entire section dedicated to crafts and DIY?  I absolutely love to craft.  And when I come up with something that's too good not to share - - I share it!  My neighbor's daughter {and my daughter's bff} recently had a birthday and I was trying to think of something outside the box that wasn't the typical toddler birthday gift.  


This inspired me to make her, her very own Peppa Pig dress-up princess costume.



She loves the character Peppa Pig, which I've actually never seen before doing some R&D for this gift.  But it's a little pig who has a British accent {so adorable} and she has all these adventures with her family and friends.  When I searched high and low I was pretty surprised that I couldn't find a DIY Peppa Pig dress up costume, I mean, I found a big fat nothing.  


I should back up and say the inspiration for specifically a princess outfit  came to me after I was searching on amazon for Peppa Pig books, there was one called Princess Peppa and she had a bright pink dress on, crown and wand and I thought "how cute would it be to give her this book and she could pretend along with her own little costume".



Lately I've been making my own daughter these really sweet princess aprons for dress-up.  Autumn, from the blog It's Always Autumn, has the best tutorial and pattern for princess aprons, I'm sure you've seen them around pinterest.  She even has a really helpful video to guide you.  Thank you Autumn, I love your princess aprons and a double thank you for generously sharing it for FREE with everyone.  


Because I've had such success with these aprons I decided it would be a great pattern to use.  I simply followed the basic Snow White pattern without the the front apron part and made the dress princess Peppa pink.



For the crown I found a simple pattern online from the blog Until Wednesday Calls and sewed it with yellow felt and round craft gems.  For the crown ties I used a basic thin grosgrain ribbon sewn into the sides.  


The wand really had me puzzled.  I wanted to use something I had laying around the house already but I didn't have any wooden dowels thin enough and a paper straw was too flimsy.  Searching in my pantry I found packages of wooden chopsticks leftover from Chinese takeout.  Bingo.  I used bright pink felt (the same shade as the dress) and hot glue to wrap a long strand around the chopstick and attached it to a 4-sided star made of yellow felt with a round gem to top it off.


I'm pleased to announce that she was caught sporting the whole costume last week and it was a hit! I was really happy with the outcome of the costume!  Hopefully this will give inspiration for any other Peppa Pig fans out there trying to achieve the same thing as me.  All in all it took a few hours to make everything, including all the research, brain scratching and lunch break so I estimate it will take you less.




1/2 yard bright pink broadcloth fabric

3 yard 7/8" wide pink ribbon

white sewing thread



yellow felt

round craft gems

white sewing thread

18" 1/4" wide ribbon



yellow felt

bright pink felt

blue round craft gem

wooden chopstick


For the dress you'll want to follow the instructions over at It's Always Autumn.  I used the Snow White pattern in a size 2/3 but I did not use the front apron, just the bodice and the skirt and ribbon ties.


For the crown you'll want to print out this pattern, at 100% sizing.  This is the tutorial I used the first time I made a felt crown and I really like how easy Ginny made the directions.  After you're done sewing it up grab a hot glue gun and glue a pink, blue and green round gem to the front of the crown as shown in my pictures.


For the wand use the same technique for the crown.  Print out page one at this link, because it's the most perfect shape for Peppa's wand, I used the larger size on the page.  Cut out the first piece of felt then put it on another piece of felt, sew it but not all the way around.  Leave a little less than an inch at the very bottom open.  Backstitch when you start and end sewing so the seems don't come undone.  Wrap the chopstick with the bright pink felt, leaving the top inch bare {the rectangular side}.  You can lay down some hot glue on the chopstick then press it against the felt, then glue another side until it's fully wrapped.  Trim the excess off.  Insert the top of the chopstick into the star, then sneak the hot glue gun in there while pinching the felt open, squeeze hot glue in there and press down to secure.  Use the hot glue to adhere a blue gem to the wand.


And that's all there is it to it for this amazing DIY Peppa Pig princess costume!







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