How To Naturally Dye Easter Eggs

April 4, 2019


Growing up I don't remember a lot of times when we dyed Easter eggs.  There may have been a time or two but most of our time was spent on those can't sleep the night before Easter extravaganza egg hunts.  Now that I have my own kids I like to do a lot of experimenting with them, science was always my favorite subject in school.  So we did an Easter egg experiment and naturally dyed some eggs using ingredients we found in our fridge and pantry.




I'm definitely not here to tell you one way is better than the other, store bought dye vs natural dye.  BUT I did like playing mad scientist and that's more of what it was about for us, a fun experiment.  There were definitely some things that dyed the eggs better (turmeric powder) and some things that did a not so great job (spinach/cilantro combo).



Out of all the ones we tried (see labeled image) my favorite ones which gave the BEST results are:


  1. Blueberries

  2. Turmeric Powder

  3. Shallot Skins

  4. Chilli Powder



All of these did a really great job of dying the eggs!  Plus mixing them together gave you fun colors.  Like mixing the blueberries and turmeric (blue + yellow) gave us green and that was a neat lesson in color combinations and what the outcome is.



For each one all I did was use that ingredient and mixed it with water.  Some I boiled first, like the shallot skins, blueberries and spinach.  Others just went straight into a cup.  



Solo cups worked really well and it made for an easy cleanup after.  A few eggs we left in for 4 hours and others just 10 minutes.  The shallot skins was such an amazing transformation, who would ever have thought shallot skins would product that kind of dye!?



Enjoy experimenting with you family!  I know we had a lot of fun!  Happy Easter!




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