Kids Easter Gift Guide

March 28, 2019


Every Easter I try to get things for the kids that they will have for a long time, or at least not get tossed in the trash within a month.  Instead of buying a put together basket, it's much more fun to hand pick each item in their basket.  Even if it just a few things they will enjoy those items much more!  I've put together a gift guide for things that I've personally found to be amazing Easter basket gifts for kids!


Happy Easter!






  • I absolutely LOVE Jellycat brand stuffed animals.  My kids adore them and they last for years.  They make a great gift in your kids Easter basket, the classic look of them is timeless.  Did I mention they wash like a dream?  A must.



  • Tell me a kid that doesn't like legos (or an adult!).  Legos make a great basket stuffer!  They will keep these forever.  And whether you choose a themed one or not they will get played with and loved.



  • My son LOVES Pete the Cat.  The stories are always so adventurous and the vibrant colors are fantastic. They have the best characters and he always enjoys these books.  We have way too many.

  • The little blue truck is a favorite at our house.  We've been reading these since our kids were just babies.

  • There was an old lady books - these are TOO FUNNY.  And if you know the old jingle that goes with them it's fun to read through singing.

  • If you give a mouse....books are the sweetest!  You will fall in love with these stories.

  • It's not easy being a bunny is on my list this year for easter baskets!  How cute is the main cover!?



  • Trying to figure out what treats to put in baskets?  You can't go wrong with any of these options!  In my opinion Lindt makes the most delicious chocolate and my kids go crazy for their Easter themed chocolates, especially the big gold easter bunny!


5.  TOYS

  • Musical instruments are great for kids! I love these egg maracas, they have beautiful colors and detail plus they are wooden for long lasting play

  • These sorting eggs are great for hand-eye coordination!  They have a cute carry case so they can take them around the house.

  • Water WOW books are amazing!  If you don't have any you need some and you will love them.  The brush lets you add water to it and as you "paint" on a page the image appears.  But the best dries and you can paint over and over again.  It really could last forever.

  • Puffy sticker books are so much fun!  They have several pages of different scenes and since they are puffy it is easy to re-stick them, more than the flat restickable stickers.  We have a few of these and the kids love to play with them!

  • Lace and trace is great for hand-eye coordination, motor and attention skills.  Even I enjoy lacing these with my kids.


Easter Basket Supplies

  • Did you forget to grab some easter basket supplies? I've linked up a few great finds!

I receive a small commission when you click and purchase an item I recommend, it doesn't change the price but it helps keep this blog going!  Thank you for your support!





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