The Cooks Christmas Wish List

November 27, 2019


This year I put together a collection of some of my absolute favorite kitchen appliances/cooks tools/gadgets. Any of these would be the perfect gift for the avid chef in your life.  Each one of these are things that I use daily and couldn't live without in my kitchen!


Sometimes it can be hard to pick out gifts for a cook.  Are they going to use it?  Do they even want this?  I think this is a pretty good list of things that cooks actually use or want to use.



The following items are affiliate links - which means I receive a commission when they are purchased. Thanks for the support!



Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Everyone needs a skillet in their kitchen, it's perfect for getting perfectly seared food and I love how it stays so warm after you pull it from the oven.

OXO Avocado Slicer

For the person who absolutely loves avocados and guacamole, just all things avocado.  It makes it such a breeze with this little tool.  It cuts the peel, grabs the pit and scoops out the avocado in the blink of an eye.  I love it and it's definitely one of my favorite little kitchen gadgets.



Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

This is a staple in the kitchen and a total must have!  If you are shopping for someone who loves to cook or bake and doesn't have a stand mixer they are going to go bananas over this.  This is an entry level one with the most reasonable price tag, but just because its the cheapest one of them doesn't mean it doesn't get the job done!  I had this one for YEARS before upgrading to a larger size and I still use this one as well when I am doing major holiday baking and need two mixers.



Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Professional 6 Qt

If you already have the entry kitchenmaid mixer but are ready to upgrade then I highly recommend this one! I've had this one for a year now and I love it.  It's easy to get the bowl in and out and it holds more since its a 6 quart.



Novelty Timer

How fun are these little novelty timers?  I have a few at my house and I think they are so cute.  Yes, you could use your microwave or oven for a timer but nothing says "food is done" like the iconic buzz of a timer.


Calphalon 3-Piece Stainless Set

I am such a huge fan of Calphalon products.  Their newest stackable series of cookware is my favorite because you can easily set your pans on top of another.  This 3-piece set is such a great deal too!



Citrus Zester

You don't need a citrus zester for every single meal but they come in so handy when you do!



Brown Sugar Keeper

Goodbye to dried out brown sugar!  These prevent brown sugar from getting dry, so whenever you want to bake you'll be ready.  

 Cuisinart Mini Food Processor

Hands down one of my favorite small kitchen appliances!  I use this all the time and with such a great price tag and small space it takes up it's a great gift.



Nespresso Machine

If you really want to spoil someone than a Nespresso machine is the perfect way to do it.  It's one of those gifts someone probably wouldn't buy for themselves but would love to have.  These come as just a Nespresso machine, or you can get them to be Nespresso + coffee.



Poultry Shears

Okay.  These are amazing.  These shears are SO sharp, you can cut through a turkey to butterfly it without breaking a sweat or hand cramp or any frustrations.  The cook in your life, will LOVE these poultry shears!



Zwilling Nakiri Knife

Hands down, my favorite knife when cooking.  It's perfect for everything and super sharp.  Plus, around the holidays it's been known to be around $35 as a special promotion.




Pyrex Glass Mixing Bowl Set

Mixing bowls are always a need in the kitchen and you can never have too many.  I love these glass pyrex bowls, with 3 different sizes that nest in each other when storing.


Silicone Oven Mitts

The only kind of oven mitts a cook needs!  Silicone oven mitts are the best, they keep your hands from overheating when transfer things to and from the oven.  This set is a steal at under $15.




OXO V-Blade Mandoline

I love this mandoline SO much!  It's perfect for cutting all your vegetables, thin potatoes for scalloped potatoes, tomato slices when you make burgers and crinkle cut carrots.  I use it all the time and it's such a helpful kitchen tool.


Stainless Steel Odor Absorber

Everyone could use one of these stainless steel bars, you rub your hands on it and it takes off the stinky smell of things like garlic!



Baking Steel Pizza Steel

Okay you guys.  If you are as serious about PIZZA as I am then you have to get this baking steel for someone.  It turns out the best pizza ever!!  Like a wood fired pizza right at your house.  I am totally obsessed.



Tablet/Cookbook Stand & Protector

Whether you like to use a tablet for recipes or a cookbook, this stand is perfect for both!  It has a protector screen in front of it so you won't get splatter on your cookbooks and also so you can't ruin your tablet.  Also, it stores super easy, about the size of a cookbook it just folds up.


Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler

Okay I was a bit skeptical about this one, which I actually received as a gift.  But I use it all the time.  You can turn the grill plates over to be a griddle, hello 8 pancakes at once!  Also when its too cruddy outside I use it for burgers.

Instant Pot

The instant pot is the perfect gift for the person who loves to cook but is short on time!  



Springform Pan 9"

Who loves cheesecake?  The only way to make a perfect cheesecake is with a springform pan, it makes life so much easier.  This 9" is the perfect size.

Digital Probe Thermometer

For the cook who loves to make sure everything is cooked to the right temperate!  But this is a probe thermometer so you can leave it inserted in your dish, in the oven with the door closed, while the display stays on the outside.  You'll never overcook something again with this.  



Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Perfect for braising meats and making soups and stews.  Like my favorite recipe for braised short ribs.


OXO Garlic Press

I love this garlic press and if you know someone who loves to cook with garlic (everyone) they will love it too!



Immersion Blender

This is a great deal.  It comes with an immersion blender plus attachments.  It's super easy to clean, works great and has a ton of speeds!





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