DIY Awesome Ugly Christmas Sweater

December 7, 2017


First off, this is a DIY ugly Christmas sweatshirt, a run of the mill cheap-o men's Hanes sweatshirt I got off Amazon.  I put some ugly Christmas sweaters in our cart a few weeks ago, they were $10, when I went back a few days later to buy them they were $40.  Holy margins?!  DIY time!  I ordered two of the men's sweatshirts, one for me and one for Mike, and I should point out, these are legit ugly, mine is turtleneck status around my neck, no bueno (but that's the point, right).



I was trying to channel my inner 8 year old, thinking back on Christmas parties my parents would have and the endless number of sweaters and sweater vests.  I even dug out some old pictures, but to my disappointment the sweaters in my family weren't that tragic.  I did however find some inspiration in my husband's old albums.  I won't name names and get in trouble.


 (Christmas 1988, New Jersey, my mom and I)


I snagged a few images off google images that matched up to my (awesome) ideas.  Brought back so many memories, oh those sweater vests.  I'm sure my kids will say the same thing about me some day and some of my favorite fashion trends, "oh mom and her weird boots that went down to her ankle".





If you want something creative and original then make your own!  We're wearing ours to an ugly Christmas sweater party next week (pictured above) and probably every party in the future.  It's cheap and fairly quick to make depending on how many goodies you add to the front.  Ours took about 45 minutes each. Follow the steps below to make these sweaters or be creative and make your own version!


Cost To Make:  Less than $20 for both


Time To Make: 45 minutes for each sweater


Supplies Needed (if you make the same as me):

Sweatshirt (I sized up)

1/8 yard craft felt in multiple colors

1/8 yard faux white fur

Pom poms

Glittery pipe cleaners

Red glitter

Elmers glue stick

Hot glue gun



Marker (for outlining)

Letter Stencils (or freehand trace)

Googly eyes


Step 1:

Print out some traceables.  I used a snowman, gingerbread man and Reindeer.  Cut these out, put double sided tape on the back, press onto your felt and either trace around this and cut them out or cut around the paper.  I traced the reindeer, it was just easier.



Step 2:

For the giant snow man I used different sized circular objects, traced on the back side of the faux fur and cut it out.




Step 3:

Cut out all the freehand items and form the other pieces (like pipe cleaner trees).  While doing this plug in your hot glue gun so it's ready to go.  The pipe cleaner trees are just zigzagged back and forth to create a tree.



Snowman hats cut out of felt and pipe cleaners for pizazz.



Christmas trees are tall triangles of felt with a yellow felt circle for the star and pieces of pipe cleaner for the ornaments.  Don't worry about it looking perfect, the beauty of free handing a lot of this is that it has that special ugly feel to it, the handmade quality really adds to the effect.



The presents on the Rudolph sweatshirt are squares of felt (obviously) with pipe cleaners twisted into bows, loop loop and twist.  For the "Ho Ho Ho" on Rudolph's sweatshirt use stencils, if you don't have stencils print out an "H" and an "O" off of Word.  There are also little pipe cleaner pieces on the gingerbread men.



Rudolph's santa hat is a triangle piece of felt lined with the faux white fur.



For the big fuzzy snowman, his nose is orange felt cut into a skinny triangle and his hat is a large version of the little snowmen.  I covered it in elmers glue and topped it off with a bunch of red glitter!



 Step 4:

Lay your sweatshirt out on your counter top (easier to clean up hot glue) and lay all your pieces where you want them to be.  One at a time use hot glue on the back and stick it to the shirt, you have to work pretty quickly, hot glue dries fast.  At the last minute there was a random piece of red felt that on my workstation that made for the perfect snowman scarf.  




I can't wait to see my husband in this monstrosity!  He's sure to be one of, if not THE, ugliest dressed gent.  If you want to sport an original ugly Christmas sweater, go ahead and get crafty this season!  I'd love to see a picture of what you made!  Under the "about me" section shoot me an email with your final product.  If you want to use this specific sweatshirt that I used click on the link below (this is an affiliate link which means I may receive a small concession which has no effect on your price, thanks for the support!):


- Tara







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