DIY Charcuterie Board & How To Fill It Up

August 2, 2018


Summer is in full swing {and for us in Phoenix our summer heat lasts an extra long time, think 6 months}!  The weather is warm and perfect for throwing parties.  


Back in March my husband threw a 30th birthday party for me and he really wanted to have it catered so I could relax and not do anything but I just couldn't, I had been wanting to do a huge spread for awhile and it was the perfect opportunity.  My friends about fainted when I mentioned I was doing the food at my party, but it's just my jam man.  Our backyard is pretty entertaining friendly (pool, yard, bean bag toss and fire pit) so it was a no brainer when choosing a location.  I love having people over, serving them good food and drinks and just having a nice time.


Every beautiful cheese and meat spread needs a beautiful charcuterie board.  I made this charcuterie board out of a 10x1x8 that I had in the garage.  My husband always has little projects he's working on and this was some leftover wood we had lying around.  So before you head out to your local hardware store, rummage through your garage because you could find a treasure courtesy of your husband.


The best part about this is that it is SO SIMPLE.  And i love making stuff myself when I'm capable of doing it. Here's the run down.


Time: 45 minutes


Supplies Needed:

Piece of wood (whatever size you want)

Electric sander and extra sand paper for it

Food safe wood oil (I used the same stuff I use on my wood cutting board)




Step 1:  Cut the wood if it isn't the size you want, I got lucky and this was the exact size I wanted.



Step 2:  Load your sandpaper into the electric sander, its pretty simple, on mine there are two sides you

have to unhinge, load the paper and clamp it back down



Step 3:  Start with your edges, being mindful not to rip the paper on a sharp corner.  Gently transition from the top of the wood, to the side and then back again so it's smooth and no longer sharp



Step 4: Following the grain, run the sander over the wood until you get the texture you desire



Step 5:  Go back over everything, run your hands over it, making sure you aren't catching on anything



Step 6: Using a cotton cloth remove ALL dust and debris



Step 7: Using a clean cotton cloth apply the oil all over the board, go for a second coat if you wish.  Let it dry as long as the directions on the oil say.



Step 8: Load with food!!!  When you fill up the board you want to have a nice balance of food, not just all cheese or all meat or even one exact thing like all cheddar and all pepperoni.  I have a variety of cheeses from the fancy cheese section of the grocery store, different meats like salami, hard salami, peppered salami {the genoa salami was the most popular}.  A variety of crackers, fruit, nuts and olives.  I added some small glasses votives with candles and it set a beautiful mood.


This spread was enough for 20 people to snack on, there was still some leftover at the end but for the most part it was gobbled up.  If you look closely you can see some adorable cheese markers and cheese knives, courtesy of my sister-in-law from Christmas and I was so excited to get to use them, they gave it such a cute look {thanks Jess xoxo}.  The best part about the whole thing was everyone gathered around, enjoying each other company, the good food and the evening.









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