Red Wine Braised Short Ribs and Gouda Mash

January 9, 2018


Tender short ribs braised with fresh thyme and garlic in a spicy deep Rioja red wine, with large chunks of carrots and gouda mashed potatoes.  All topped with an amazing red wine sauce.


What's the difference between this and pot roast?  I'd say this is a sexy pot roast.  The red wine is so amazing mixed with the beef and the gouda mashed potatoes are on a whole other level.



Last year we had braised short ribs at a charity event and I truly debated licking my plate clean.  


I had never made short ribs before but made it a mission to knock it out of the park and mimic that amaaaaazing dinner we had.


It was like bringing a fancy restaurant to my table but at about $100 less than you would spend if you went out {and that $100 is just for two people, this feeds four people!}.  I love sharing these types of recipes with you.



I'll keep it short and sweet because these beautiful short ribs don't need much of an introduction. They are straight to the point, tender, flavorful and just all around melt in your mouth deliciousness.  


A lot of the flavor comes from using Rioja, a bold Spanish wine that pairs well with beef.  It was perfect.  I used a basic bottle of Rioja, nothing fancy and under the $10 mark.


This wine is critical.  You need rioja because anything else won't have the same flavor, I've tried others, it's just not the same.



It's very important when you make braised short ribs that you sear all the edges of the short ribs in your pan prior to braising.  It locks in the flavors and gives it that beautiful appearance.  


Throw in some smashed garlic cloves and a sprig of thyme will give you a nice aroma and taste.  Make sure, like always, to season your meat with salt and pepper.



We loved this dish so much it's on the menu all the time, because it's just that easy to make!  All the fancy frills, but no fuss.  



3 lbs bone-in short ribs

1 tbsp olive oil

7 garlic cloves, peeled & smashed

16 oz Campo Viejo Rioja Wine (must be Rioja wine)

2 c beef broth

1 tbsp tomato paste

1 large sprig of thyme

4 carrots, peeled and chopped

2 russet potatoes

1 c gouda cheese

splash of milk





  1. Preheat oven to 325

  2. Pat ribs dry and season generously with salt and pepper

  3. Heat olive oil in a large stock pot (the same pot they will braise in) over medium/high heat

  4. Place short ribs bone side up, alternating sides that you sear following the first side, making sure to get a good crust on that first side you sear

  5. Remove to a plate

  6. Turn heat down to low

  7. Add tomato paste and garlic, whisking continuously for 2 minutes

  8. Add in wine and bring to a boil

  9. Return short ribs to your pan, bone side down this time, boil for 3 minutes

  10. Add in the beef broth and the sprig of thyme

  11. Cover and braise for no less than 3 hours (they will not be fall apart-ish if you cook them too short of time)

  12. 30 minutes before braising gets done, add the chopped up carrots  

  13. Meanwhile, make the gouda mashed potatoes

  14. Boil the potatoes until fork tender, strain and transfer to a mixing bowl

  15. Add a few splashes of milk, a few pinches of salt and the gouda cheese

  16. Mix together until its smooth, the consistency will be thicker vs thinner

  17. Remove the short ribs from the oven to a plate or bowl

  18. Run the liquid through a fat separator and back in to the pot over medium heat

  19. If you would like the liquid to be thicker you can add some cornstarch or flour to thicken it 

  20. Turn the heat off and serve

enjoy -- tara



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