Bomb BBQ Chicken Pizza

August 3, 2017


Soft pillowy pizza dough with the most insanely good mixture of BBQ sauce, chicken, cheeses, onion and cilantro.  It's putting cheese pizza to shame.



Pizza is my favorite food.  This BBQ chicken pizza recipe is the best!  My husband and I have been making pizza at home for so many years, it's just second nature.  



And when I say my husband and I, I mean me (haha), if you asked him what's the first step I think he'd say eat the pizza.  It's easier than you think to make a pie at home and you always have fresh out of the oven pizza and it's a healthier alternative to store bought pizza.



Over the years we've tested out all sorts of variations of toppings but BBQ chicken is one of my families all time favorites.  After years of making it I'd like to think I've perfected this recipe too.  I top it with cilantro after it's cooked in the oven, I like that refreshing herb taste, it really kicks the flavor profile up a notch, or ten. Check it out below.




1 chicken breast, seasoned with s&p, cooked and chopped into small cubes

1 ball of pizza dough; follow link for recipe

1/2 c mozarella

1/2 c extra sharp cheddar cheese

BBQ sauce of choice

1/4 red onion sliced thinly

handful of cilantro chopped


(this recipe reflects using a baking steel pizza steel in the oven, if you have something different please refer to the instructions of that stone or steel)



  1. Preheat oven to 500 1 hour prior to baking your pizza

  2. 10 minutes before you cook the pizza turn the oven to broil (don't forget it's on broil)

  3. Sprinkle flour and semolina on a pizza peel paddle

  4. Stretch out the pizza dough onto the pizza peel

  5. Top with bbq sauce

  6. Follow it with the mozzarella and cheddar cheese, chicken and red onion and a pinch of salt and pepper

  7. Launch the pizza onto the baking steel

  8. Cook on broil for 3 minutes

  9. Turn broil off and return heat to 500

  10. Cook an additional 3-5 minutes, watching, once it starts getting dark flecks on top, its done

  11. Pull from the oven and serve

Enjoy -





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