Wrinkles and Dimples and Grins, Oh My!

October 14, 2017

Dimples.  Perfect pink skin.  New baby smell (way better than new car smell).  Sweet grins.  Sweet grimaces.  Absolute perfection.  These are all things that come to mind when I think of a new baby. Today I got to take some pictures for one of my best friends, whom, just had a new baby girl, baby Norah.  It's enough to give you some serious baby fever.

This was my first newborn session, besides my own kids.  I took their newborn pictures through trial and error, just kind of winged it!  Photography is just a hobby.  I like taking pictures of my family and for my friends when they need the occasional set.

I've never styled a newborn session with the baskets before, but I have to say, it was so fun and super cute!  She was snuggly as a bug in a rug.  And I got to kick it with one of my best girls for a few hours. My favorite newborn pictures are the ones that the baby looks natural, I'm not crazy about the glam look or where they have photoshopped the skin so much that you can tell.  That's the best part about new babies, those sweet little wrinkles, dimples, blotches and smirky grins.

This is a gray card, it's suppose to help balance your light.  I don't use it very much, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  I usually touch up the lighting in editing no matter what, especially if the photos were taken inside, for me it's a lot harder, outside light is easier for me to work with.   For these pictures I used a 50mm lens, since we were inside I didn't have the luxury of standing further away so I needed a shorter focal length.  It's a good little lens, especially if you want to upgrade from your basic kit lens!  I suggest and it doesn't break the bank at just over $100.  I also use it to photograph all of my food posts.

She really loved this little basket, I don't blame her she was all cozied up.  We used the pacifier to calm her if she started to a fuss a bit, and then gently eased it away.  I used the sound machine on my phone to play some womb-like noise, to relax her and make her happy and comfortable.  I had my friend kick up the heat, we were sweating, but baby was happy!  You definitely don't want to keep it cold in the room, that's not cozy for a newborn baby.  You can tell the difference between this photo and the one a few up, I toned down the yellow a tad (thanks for nothing gray card)  and blurred the floor blanket to make the photo appear softer.

Mom was right by her side the whole time giving her little snuggles and kisses.  It was a really sweet bonding moment.  The whole thing was relaxed and casual.  That's one of the things I love most about photographing my friends, we can all just be ourselves, no pressure and we trust each other and I think that shows through in pictures.  

 Some black and whites I snapped at the end.  I love candid moments like this when they are unexpected, you get to see so much raw emotion.  And this is pure l-o-v-e right there.  






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