3 Smoothies to Add to your Morning Routine

September 24, 2017


Happy Sunday!  Fall is finally here.  Although, in Phoenix we are still in the 90's which, for us, is a countdown to cooler weather (hallelujah!).  With the holiday's approaching fast I like to get a jump start on my "pre-holiday body".  Right, who does that?  That would be me, guilty.  This just means that I start watching a little bit more the amount of desserts and extra goodies I eat before Thanksgiving and Christmas time.  

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One of my favorite things is to switch out pancakes and waffles at breakfast time for a fruit and vegetable smoothie and let's face it, you can only eat eggs SO much before it's pretty boring.  My  mother recently turned me on to this blueberry flavored protein powder which we've really enjoyed!  She's pretty critical of ingredients and this protein is really fantastic, grass fed whey, gluten free, gmo free and soy free.  



To start i've gathered up 3 smoothies that will really get you addicted and ready to make another the next morning!  To save yourself some time, try buying your fruit and vegetables in bulk.  Wash everything, cut it up, and freeze it in freezer bags for easy assembly in the morning.  Bonus, it will be nice and cold!  I don't measure anything out precisely, I just add more of something if I want a stronger flavor of it.  If it's for two people, for example, instead of one orange you would add two, a serving for each.  Easy easy.  All of my recipes are enough for a family of 4, two adults and two kids.  I use a blendtec blender that we got about 6 years ago and it make's super smooooooth smoothies.  It's called a "smooth"ie for a reason, right, not lumpy, gritty, gunky (wait, did we just name 3 of the seven dwarfs?). 


These smoothies are all pretty fruity, as you get more comfortable with having smoothies, add more vegetables.  I found that incorporating it a little at the beginning instead of a giant smoothie of pure kale is the best way to go :) 


Orange Dreamsicle:

1 cup plain yogurt

2 large carrots, peeled

2 oranges, peeled

1 peach, seed removed


*Leave as much of the white around the orange ON, that pulp has a ton of nutrients!  If you have a good blender it will completely dissolve.


The Zoo

1 cup plain yogurt




pineapple (I buy a whole pineapple, cut it up into pieces and freeze)


Colin's "Red" Smoothie

1 cup plain yogurt

2 oranges, peeled

2 bananas



If you go by my pictures, you can tell how much I add of each.  Make sure to top all of these with a nice helping of ice!  Like I mentioned, I use a blueberry protein powder, but you can add whatever you like!  Next time I have a really great spinach, apple, kale smoothie i'll share.  You can't even taste the veggies so kid's love it!  


Cook with love,







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